Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For the most precious gift, my mum ever gave me :-)

"This is for all those frens of mine who are blessed with wonderful siblings :-)"

"Tomaar ki chaai ? bhai na bon", asked my mum 16 years back, weaving a sweater, for the new member to be joining us soon.I joyfully jumped on my dad's lap and screamed" bhaaaiii".." amaar homework korbe"..:-).....Since then, till now, I have managed well enough to make him do my homeworks( read- the practical note books are literally his efforts)!..:-)

Whoever has got a sibling,will agree with me to the point that come what may, its difficult to live without them.You may fight at times, but also wont hesitate to happily pamper them with the best possible things ever:-)!

Anyways, the advent of this blog is the outcome of a brainstorming session with my kid brother.Its strange , but yeah, they grow up very soon.As they say, " kal ki hi baat thi", his questions were limited to " why cant you play with me for a longer time?"., " why do i need to drink horlicks?", " what should i opt-adv. maths or comp. science?". ," why do you need to wax?"( yes, he did ask that once)...
.And now, he baffles my brain with questions on more interesting topics, viz., "what exactly should i wear on my date?", "Don't you think Zoanna is hot?", " Man, saw your batchmate today ...shes nice!".."CHECK out the SUV man, its sexier than keira knightley! " " I would give you an eight on 10 if you wear that gown!" "Dibhai, please white kurta taa por, it makes you look gorgeous",.."You ok, if your boyfren is not a virgin!!!!","Dont say you better than me at maths!". ..."Dont mind me saying it, but dibhai, you gotta be kidding if you say this is your boyfren..You definitely deserve better!!"...:-)).....YES, my brother indeed has many questions..Sometimes, I just choose to ignore him.He gets off the track. Media i say, has wonderfully enlightened everyone.I mean , I have been posed with all these questions, since past three years. I mean, i never bothered to think if i need a virgin guy , when i was his age and look at my brothers audacity and wavelength of thought.Last time accidently caught him and his gang in my room ,discussing about their plight as to how difficult it is to manage studies and their respective gfs( mind you, all of them are exceptionally brilliant, two of them being state toppers)..Anyways their jaws dropped when I accidentally stormed in the room,but after ample sighs and groans they jus managed to give me a smile.My bro was to break the silence."Dibhai, what do you have to say?"...all his frens went "whaaaaaatttt"...Lol, they knew me and saw how I always managed a serious face in public, so probably they thought I WOULD start belting each one of them..i didnt :-)!...Picked my books,opened the door, and just said" study hard guys, girls dont fall for losers:-)"...

When I narrated this incident to my frens,one of them shot back saying" Dip, you shouldnt allow that much freedom to your bro. You should be very strict with him, like the way we are.The more you try and be cool with them, the more they'll start taking you lightly.Teach them discipline, teach them integrity, discuss politics, discuss recession,intellectual stuffs, dont encourage love related discussions, then only you can have a good control over them"...I smiled and asked my kind fren " Do you know your brother smokes?"..He went pale," this is impossible"..I just smiled . He couldnt believe more. Ashamed at his own statement,he asked meekly "How do you know? Rony told you?", I replied" your bro confessed it to ME ..Any idea why he didnt have the courage to come and speak up to you?"...He had no answer. I said " Dear, our younger brothers and sisters constantly seek guidance, for everything, they are like clay , raw and will get the shape the society gives them, so before they get malformed or distorted, save them...Its important to imbibe all cultural and educational values in them, but its also important to let them believe that they have their biggest support at home, that, they dont need to search for their best frens outside their home :-)..its ok if you let it loose sometimes :-)"

Dad passed away when i was just six years old and bro 1 year old.Too early for a decision, but yes, that day I decided i'll always protect my baby bro from all the downs of life.Days passed, and the bond grew stronger. Did all those things, that I could ,to assist Ma, in making him a good human being.Monitoring him in doing homeworks( my homeworks as well;-)), to helping him in deciding electives, to teach him good virtues, ...and lots more..Sometimes, I tell Ma," He's so calm about everything na. Doesn take tension at all.I feel he doesnt have the necessary drive or aggression to push the boundary and discover his talents.On a serious note, I feel how muchever we try, he'll grow up to be a corrupt politician"...Ma smiles and says" The same blood flows in both of you:-) you'll see the signs..wait..:)"..I smiled back, was to see the testimony of that soon.

We were about to catch a train..( me and bro) .We were already late.But had to recharge the balance of our respective cellphones , none of us had balance..I gave him a 100 rupee note and asked to get it done for both of us ..fast..!!!!...He took it , didn return for quite some time, I turned back and saw he came running...Before i could ask, he goes" That loser was taking 1 re extra, had to fight with him to get that back"..I said" well, that 1 re could have cost us our train you know, was that 1 re really important?"...He shot back" TWO THINGS- firstly, Ma toils hard to earn that 1 re, secondly, its not the matter of 1 re, its about ethics, why the hell was he cheating me, i cant tolerate frauds!"...I was mum...INDEED Ma, the same blood flows!!!!:-)))

But sometimes, certain things happen, where I feel ,what exactly went wrong..why he himself chooses the wrong path after my repeated warnings, why he shouts at mum, was my fren correct, should i just be a sister, a strict one on top of that, who basically is behind your ass for whatever thing you do!.....was i good enough in imbibing the right values.., I just wanted to be a guiding hand, coz i knew that as a guy grows in age, he needs a dad like we girls need our mom..Now, since we didnt have our Dad, i just wanted to fill that gap for him!! ...........................With these thoughts in my mind, as we both were crossing the road( coming from hospital), I suddenly realised he wasnt by my side..I turned back and see " He was helping an old lady cross the road"..I smile at myself and say" I MANAGED JUST ABOUT FINE!!!:-)"...

P.S- Love you bro..:)muah!!!

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