Sunday, December 20, 2009

SNAP day!

Well, done with SNAP finally. What a day! Test went well,investment done, hoping for good returns. Now, coming back to the day again, I never knew i would get so many surprises in a day itself.As I was scanning through the board,amidst many students, for my alloted room,saw someone wearing specs staring at me from a corner.For a second, I thought i knew him.But then , just dismissed the fact.Reached early, so i still had time. Was seriously missing Jayesh Sir.Writing tests without him is so boring.We literally had the same centres for all the tests last year, other than CAT.And this year, he was there at SIBM Bangalore waiting alone for the test to begin, like I was waiting at Handique college in Guwahati.Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted by someone.

"Dipa right?"

I turned back to see whose voice it was.Yep, I was correct.I knew that guy who was staring at me.Somehow, dont forget faces easily.

Me-"ya..? "

"Recognised me ?"

Me-"I remember your face, but I cant recall your name . Sorry"( I didnt even recall till then, how I know him)

"No problem, we hardly spoke .So its ok. Lots of other guys from SSA are also here"

Oh yes! Now i remember. SSA...!! He was one of those guys who had the correct answers for everything in class. But so humble and polite.Suddenly, I remembered everything. Vice -princi appreciating him, his girl fren , both of them were like inseperable.

Me-"Oh yea! so sorry"

"I said its ok, we hardly interacted (smile).Let me call the other guys as well."

Now, this was embarassing! why? People knowing me since SSA days, knew how limited my conversations were with guys.Lets say I can count how many guys i ever spoke with.In a batch of 300 students,and considering there were some 150 guys, I can say i interacted with some 4 of them. Yes! Dont ask reasons.And now, they come here to talk with me!!A gang of 6 people approached, 5 of them being guys and a girl.I remembered the girl.Guys were all aliens to me.

After exchanging pleasantries, and discussions on varied topics( they discussing and me sitting quietly), we were asked to get into our rooms.While climbing the stairs, GUY no. 1 asked" You still like that ha? Never talk much!"

Me-"Arey na. I just didnt know what to say then. "

" (smile) Nope, you were always like this. I remember you spoke only with Tausif and Biswadeep.With girls too, you were selective "

Me-" you remember too much, dont you (smile)?"


We had the same room.So , got in, test started a few mins. later.

Now, let me say this.I love my state.But that definitely doesn't imply I try and hide its drawbacks.Somehow, I feel , we have a long way to go as far as conducting and managing exams are concerned. I felt this when I wrote PMT three years back , I felt it when I wrote my 10th board exams, I felt it when my brother wrote his board exams last year, When I wrote CAT this year in AEC, and yes, today again!May be I feel more strongly about it, as I had an amazing experience of all forms of test writing , throughout my stay in Bangalore.Even Christ college students conducted test in a far professional manner than this HANDIQUE teachers.Firstly, some teachers since ages here, dont understand a simple fact that a classroom where a National Level Aptitude Test is going on, is definitely not a hang out joint!You can discuss about your new sweaters and shopping escapades out of this class.Secondly, You have a taste for tea, good enough, you are hungry and have an appetite to eat, cool again, you want to eat it then !, go ahead, we dont bother.But, you keep shouting at the top of your voice for Samosas not once , twice, forgot how many times!... Are we in some canteen???? Thirdly, "CELL PHONES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SWITCHED OFF DURING EXAMS" . We have a tendency to be a bit more connected.Finally, you DONT GIVE EXTRA TIME TO ANY STUDENT IN ENTRANCE EXAMS!!! I understand, the girl is from your college and you like her, but you need to know, the very protocol is no unfair means, it was unjust.This is something which unfortunately, Me and my bro both have experienced.Board exams, teachers circulated answer sheets to favourite students, students got up from their place and sat with frens... never there was a single complaint from students and neither from teachers.So, we are still stuck there.Nothing has changed, and it wont unless we speak up.There is this problem with human beings, most of us dont have a will to fight back.We dont want change, why take the pain right?Why stand up and face whats right?Why take responsibility for your actions? Why .....?

Like it or hate it, I am definitely not one of those who "always" say " Yaar chalta hai".There is a difference between being cool and being pure stupid and blind! I didn say anything to the lady profs when they were busy discussing their newly bought stuffs, though they were right infront of me, as I was alloted the first bench.Didn say anything, when they were busy having their kitty party, go on, I am hardly hungry. Mostly, coz , what's important is not to lose your cool during these tests. You may raise your voice, but most of the time, it just diverts your mind and breaks the composure.So, I just avoided it.Of late , I enjoy, when women discuss stuffs, surprisingly We can stretch any x topic to y topic .But, what I couldnt tolerate is when the bell rang indicating "time over". I stopped.So did many, but this girl behind me didnt.The teacher collected the OMR sheets of the whole class, came back to her and was still benovolently giving away 5 more mins. to that student. Yes, not only me, all other students started whispering as to what the hell was happening!.But, as expected no one spoke.5 mins! and I didnt speak to.Dunno what was I thinking! May be I was thinking to act " cool " or not.I decided I won't.

" Mam, you collecting the paper from her now ?"

Now, the teacher's audacity-" Meaning?"

Me- " Meaning's simple. Lets say 20 other students are watching you now giving away extra time to your student and we are certainly not happy.Do I need to say more?"

Another student( dunno who he was)- " You are a teacher, and you behave like this!"

Some more-" Free mein paper kharida kya humne, we paid the same application fees!"

And a few more-" Bhai log, HOD kaun hai is college ka?"

Lol! The lady was definitely petrified.The student too.Though she gave me dirty stares, but yeah, she herself submitted the sheet.What was supposed to be a simple entrance test, ended up being such a havoc. This was the reason, why I mentioned Bangalore earlier.Last year , when i was a final year student, my supposedly SNAP invigilator was a student one year senior to me( 1st year MBA). And still, no issues absolutely.

Starting from Education, to infrastructure , to public facilities, to ethics, we have taken everything lightly.I know, there are lots of issues, lots of injustice, So, i Would not better talk about it, as I feel I cant comment on a topic unless I have full information about it.But things like these, conducting a simple test, where all teachers need to do is just distribute OMR sheets , sign and collect it back..Why complicate stuffs like this!.Why cant we for once show, that we too can do it.Its easy to say, I know, but is it that difficult.? SEBA( Secondary education board of Assam ) went the CBSE way.Good, 'twas high time.But point is how much your plans were really implemented.LAB expirements have been made compulsory now in 9th std by SEBA.A weightage of, if i am not wrong, 10 pc is assigned. But where are the teachers? Power point presentations made compulsory, but what about those schools which dont even have a roof! There is one such school, near my house, run by an organisation. Mid day meal schemes.., honestly I was once shocked when i heard a teacher was discussing with another on how to effectively use the money given for feeding these children for their own benefits, Lord, felt like they were taking it as their first ever joint business venture.What could I say? Explain them? They would have probably hooshed me! I wonder sometimes, what would Gandhiji think if he were alive today!

Well, can go on, but it has to stop right? I just wanna say- Rise up people before its too late!

As Rabindranath Tagore once said-

" Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high


In to that heaven of freedom my father, let my country men awake."

Remains an all time favourite. :-)

Oh , btw, as the test ended, and we all came out,

Yes we indeed complained to the HOD , much to our knowledge, that nothing will happen

And the guy( remember THE FIRST SSA GUY) told me-" And I thought you dont speak much"

Me- (smile) There's lot more to me!

All said and done, meeting one of my closest frens tomorrow, So, i flush it out!

P.S- Good Night everyone.:)

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