Monday, December 21, 2009

A wake up call!!

Don't know how exactly it got started, but yes, I guess a frazzled mind has its own ways of analysing things and delve in to topics, which indeed ,are the things we talk about the most and yet act upon so very less! One of my regular lazy conversations with Jayesh, downloading movies via Youtube, while continuously giggling over some absurd discussions with him.Fifteen minutes past, I am still on phone with him, so what if I had to brush up a few more Quant formulae, it can wait right? A few clothes needed to be washed and I had been postponing it since past two days.So what again, I can do it tomorrow as well right? And there goes my "so what" list.Half an hour( adds up to 1800 seconds), I practically discussed things with Jayesh , which he knows anyways.Lets say, I simply wanted to while away the time.Talking with friends, watching movies, going for an outing, etc- Good sources of entertainment.But sometimes, we just have this tendency to do things, not because we want to do it, or we need to do it, or someone has asked us to do it, but because, we just dont have anything else to do.Sometimes, we are so allergic to learning(process) that we don't give a second thought as to "Is it really worth it?".Excuse me, If i sound extremely dicey and tangential, but they say "tangents hit at 90 degrees.Bang !"
The point I am trying to hit here is how many of us really utilise Time the way it is supposed to be!Do we realise that we get 24 hours in a day, which, if I am not mistaken add up to 1440 minutes! Lets cut sleeping, eating,other essential activities, and alright Dating and fighting with respective Partners as well.Then?If we have a minimum of say 2 hours left, can we say, we utilised it the way it should be!I have been thinking about this for quite sometime now and wanted to write about it,but, I dismissed the thought thinking" Man, where's the time?" Today,when Jayesh "Sir", showered his kind blessings on me and asked me to go through the blogs of "Sankalp", I said why not.Let me anyways stretch it up a bit and not lose on the brownie point of critically examining His writings, for once, let the game be played the other way:) And voila! what do I see, when I go through the posts, one of the topic mentions "TIME MANAGEMENT".. Read it, well, called him up instantly.

Me-" Was going through the stuff , I seriously wanted to write about Time Management, but you know what.."

And before I could complete, he shot back-

"Time nehi mila right?"


Lets say we both knew what the issue was, I wont comment about him, coz, its difficult to jot down words for a person whom you think is the most sensible guy you've ever met, but yes, about me, I am definitely not one of those who can achieve a doctorate in managing time!What next, after a bit of hesitation and discussion, I decided that I would indeed find "time", to write about it, which; brings me back to the topic again.There are two parameters however.One, We seem to have no time for much needed activities.Second, we waste precious time in not so needed activities.

Now, coming to condition 1- Everyday, we have a certain set of plans in our mind as to how to go about the things to be done during the day( Excuse me if you don't.As I always say matters are subjected to personal opinions :-)).Deadlines for submission of reports, College Assignments, time for revising up that extra bit to increase your falling scores, time for cleaning up the mess in your cupboard, time to wash your clothes, time to talk with your near ones, time to eat,worse..time to bathe!!! etc etc...Yes, a few go to the extent of behaving like programmed devices.Still, at the end of the day, when they come home, they realise they don't have time for their much needed activities.They don't have time for connecting with themselves, no time for their passions.National level Basket ball players stop playing once they get into their corporate lives.Where's the time for hobbies boss?People, who desperately loved gymming, stop once they get committed into relationships.Whom to handle, office, girlfren , or sleep rite? Well, I have just mentioned two of the multitude of cases. I am sure the list can go on and on and on.Worse, we can still justify as to how we really don't have time!C'mon, give me a break.We have it( remember 24 hours??).What's needed is the effort.The will to say to yourself, how did I manage it earlier.To push the limit of your thought's wavelength and say " let me just find time for that one thing , which I strongly feel about". Its tough, but not impossible.Had it been that difficult, Shashi Tharoor would not have been in Twitter!So , if they can, I guess we can just try and manage about fine too.So, lets grind the muscles( cerebral or physical) and get started!It may be our day to day stuffs, but anything is just worth it.

Now, condition no.2- Spending time on hopeless activities! Yes, fortunately or unfortunately, problems in any country won't stop unless we stop doing this.The scope of this subject matter is large, So I would keep it to its limited version of our simple day to day activities.Be it anywhere, office , college, home,.. this parasite of laziness and pretentiousness has encircled us.When we have time, we don't care about it.We just take it for granted.You are free at home, no work to do, no friends to hang out with, no particular show on television.So, why not take up the book and complete the assignment , which you intend to copy from your classmate the next day? After all, there's nothing wrong in learning something for which you paid your college hefty amountas fees right? At most, you'll gain knowledge, improve concentration, learn to work out stuffs by yourself without copying, next time onwards right?It can't get worse than this right? Parents at office, you at home, entire home is messy.Instead of watching "splitsvilla in MTV"( note- which has repeat telecasts always), you can clean up your home right? At worst, your parents may just feel for a second that you are no more a brat.Don't think there's any harm in it , right?Free class in college, nothing particularly to do, instead of 'always' discussing who ditched whom, one can atleast discuss something worthy right( subjective opinions again).Atleast "Bunk",.. in that case, you'll move around and burn some fats!!!.. I cant comment on office life here, as thats not within my zone currently.May be, will have some views very soon about it as well.Neverthless, just wanted to say, utilise it " in the best possible manner".Lets not just play silly with it.

Finally, I can say Jayesh and to myself, I did find "time " for writing a bit about "time"

P.S- What a time!!! Lol :-)


  1. Time and tide waits for none goes the classic adage.....kudos

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  3. I had a great time reading your article. On first look, I scrolled down and down but it never seemed to end. So, I was almost about to skip reading it but somehow managed my time and patience to read this article and even leave behind a trail.

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