Sunday, December 6, 2009

Try and control your tongue, if you cant tame your mind!!

Well well,...this is highly unlikely of me to respond to vagaries of human mind, but for you my dear friend, who has absolute beliefs in certain " controversial" issues of life , philosophy and this system in general, i am more than happy to extend to you my knowledge and "counter views" on it.By now, I am sure you must be wagging your toungue out of sheer shock!!..yes it is for you 'D!@#$%^^&*'..... So, coming back to the topic.:-) I would love to "dissect" your views statement by statement.

So, your take- " Good that its happening with general candidates. We SCs and STs have been suffering for upper caste students since time immemorial"..
well, firstly dont ever make this comment public, it may be just treated with sheer mockery.I dont want to get into details , but i guess you have exactly got what i want to say.Mishaps in life, uncertainties, tragedies, even "server crashes" do not have labels of caste and subcaste sticked to it.You of all people do not deserve an atom of power to shoot statements like this. In this context, let me also mention the fact that you aspire to be an MBA.One of the priorities which involves here is " sensibility" , not to forget " sensitivity".Do you have any idea what does an MBA teach you, apart from achieving that six figure pay package??...Let me enlighten you. It teaches you to be a " civilized" human being, a better citizen of this society....I have always believed in one thing, if you want to be a part of a system, you gotta have belief in that you, before uttering junk, should keep that in mind!!!...

Now, secondly,-" UPPER CASTE have been torturing us since ages"...woohoo boss!!!! so much for an exam....Let me clarify you, I Dipa Chakraborty, belong to upper caste, one of the highest of the highest order of Brahmins. By highest order i mean " Bathing thrice a day, praying thrice a day, goes to the extent of selecting time and date of journey according to 'shubho din'...and the like..", but neither me, nor my parents, nor my forefathers or their parents have a track record of what you call torturing the less privilged section of the society!!!...Yes, we have certain notions, but none of it definitely implies suppressing the weak!...You need to understand a simple logic- we make our identity with the work we do, not by marketing our caste or categories:-)

Thirdly, -Get this straight. There are tonnes , infact multitude of talented guys and girls " who are sc , st or obc"...What exactly makes you feel that you can pass off an intelligence certificate by categorising all of them as " less brains"..I have friends who are STs but in IITs with due merit, but i am sure you wont get this point as you are not accustomed with the process and hardwork that goes into placing your butt into THE most prestiguous engineering institutions in the country:-)

Finally, ..:-) you must be thinking why i didn tell you or explain you all these stuffs over the phone..well, frankly speaking, have you ever seen a civilized person barking back at a dog??...As a matter of fact, you needed an open letter..Since, I have been actively involved in certain social activities, I openly accepted the challenge of tying your toungue to a pole..:-)..POINT is..." its not your fault"....Your thought process( brain) happen to suffer from " ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION" ...There is this common attitude among guys of this age( read- our age) to get either of these two elements in your body straight(ERECT)..nevertheless, you ignore the brain!!!...Thought process doesnt excite you, unlike other things....So, being a sensible person i choose to " IGNORE YOU"....Dont feel apologetic now, as i dont entertain these subteleties...MAY KNOWLEDGE PREVAIL UPON YOU..:-)

P.S- " was i rude?..;-)"

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  1. u actually kicked his a civilized way...:)