Monday, December 7, 2009

My tryst with the biggg "meow"

Now,now, if you are lucky enough like me to be pestered around with friends who love absolutely any junk you scribble, then you would understand how difficult it is to ward off these lovable " pests" from your life..worse, ignore their constant naggings!!..However, must say, life is quite useless without them :-)).they cheer you up when you ,as well as they know ,you screwed up bigg time.:-))...cheers to you the bonding!!!...

So, now, I am supposed to give a brief account of my "date" with the most loved animal of MBA aspirants..yes, the creature is " CAT"..well, whenever my fellow beings ask me of my experiences on "the" day, i cant resist the utmost urge of jotting down every minute details of the day, preceeding the " judgement day" , and even days beyond that.Studying for 72 hours at a stretch,frantically gulping mountain dew,listening to music at ear shattering voice(obviously with earphones duh!)while scanning the flashcards at hand, the list goes on and on...Most of us,literally shut down all possible ways which is remotely associated with entertainment!!...Reason?..THE GOLDEN GATES OF IIMs..The brand name, the swanky life style, the honour, the uniqueness, everything..makes you inflate with passion.:-). Yes, I am one of those many other students too, who dream of this coveted title....Anyways cutting this fancy imaginations,..yes..I too prepared for this exam..After days of grinding my cerebral muscles, the day came..I was tensed, excited at the same time.Lots of wishes and blessings followed.The centre was "ASSAM ENGINEERING COLLEGE , guwahati". I reached a day before.After having done the required revision, I chose to perk up my confidence by talking with certain " very positive people"...people, who , in their simple ways have always managed to get me going on track....Now, now, whenever you thought that life's going to be exactly the way you want it to be you're so very wrong:-)..why am i saying this?..:-))))

This is to be taken seriously by all my friends and acquaintances.If at all, you choose to give the most exclusive exam of your life, the last person you would like to talk to boost up your morale,is your "ex"...yes, trust me, they screwed up your life before and they know it exactly how to do it once again...!!...Now, dont ask about me, I am divulging no details about it.But yeah, I managed to avoid unnecessary complications....And just when I needed to switch back to fifth gear of positivity,I found someone saying- " You'll do well, coz I've trust in you.."..He's basically no one, hardly know him, but whenever I speak to him, I just feel , tucking my sweet IIM dreams under my blanket with me, I went off to sleep:-))

Final phase- THE most important one..writing the test!!..Got up , had a light breakfast( as advised by him), reached the test centre bang on time. Finally after necessary checkin process, I was alloted my system.Here, comes the hillarious part. A plump geek sitting next to me, asks me my name, (grrr) didn want to talk, but yeah.." am dipa" .Mr fatso was more interested in my cv than i thought, but what could i do, other than just nod my head..the check in was still in process for other students...wait...wait...wait...oh my god! whats this, " here comes the guy whom i asked the route for AEC".., NEXT TO, he was playing football in college field a few mins. back." smart guy;-)"..but nope, no time fr exchanging pleasantries now. ...The more i tried to avoid him, the more he kept staring..Felt like asking him" Dude, you mind rotating your eye definitely dont excite me more than CAT"..aarghhh...guesS he got the signs!!...Finally test at 10...15 mins tutorial, followed by the test...10.15- i click the button" start exam"....voila!!!!...SYSTEM GOES BLANKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!YESSSSS i was the only one with whom this had to happen in the whole lab!..I was calm though , was prepared for technical glitches.Called the procter, he restarted it thrice, nope, no sign of recovery, he then assigned me another computer, now what happened next was ultimate..THAT M!@#$%^&*())(*&^%$#@#$%^& BA!@#$%^&^% told" mam, as you can see nothings happening, i really cant do anything about it, u understand right?" I was on the verge of tears, anger and frustration got better of me and i shot" well i understand only one thing. prometric is supposed to deliver me my test and i am supposed to wrap it in 2 hrs 15 mins, other than that i dont know anything, nor do i wanna know understand anything".. The statement was strong enough to shake up the sick computer..was writin my test in next 3 mins...but surprise awaited me" TIMER SHOWED 2 HRS 5 SECS"..i already lost 15 mins...this can cost me my iim seat, but no time to ponder over it. It was a real test of my patience. started the test, 5 mins past, couldn solve a single english question," english was a cake walk for me"...This is one of those horrid times, when you just lose the flow, and the devil in you, kicks back the unwanted things to your memory...!!!...everything, absolutely everything nasty comes forth...starting from the first pathetic percentile in CAT , to you kicking colleges, to people criticising you, to the way you almost lost on everything for your "ex" ...yes, that dreadful!!!!....I scanned 5 questions, but nope, i lost the flow!!.:-(((...Decided to close my eyes and take a deep worked...heard something which changed everything.........." Kitten, somehow something will happen and you'll be here , with me".." you'll do it, coz i've trust in you" .." family doesnt need support, family expects you to do good, which you are not thinking of"....and finally , it was my unbiological bro.. satyajit.." arey tui toh zaalim, tui naa parle ke paarbe".....Now, need i say more, 5th gear, swooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn.....there was no looking back...i did preety well...however , i wish i had got 15 more mins!!...Hope, it doesn cost me my dreams..after all, faith is what we all cling to..:-)))...smiling in adversity..


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